Data Rate Converter App yorumlar

This is the king for data storage and data networking geeks.

This does it's one thing and does it the best.

A must-have app for anyone in the computer storage or networking field.

Data Rate Converter is exactly what I have been looking for. Many conversion apps can handle data capacity (MB to GB, etc.) but not data rates (MB/s to GB/hr etc.) and are cluttered with every other conversion known to man. The calculation result is dynamically recalculated as you change the data rate allowing you to find the most appropriate unit to express the result without having to close and reopen the selector. This may seem trivial for one or two conversions but elegance and attention to detail like this avoids additional steps which would become irritating with repeated use. The availability of both base 2 and base 10 units will be appreciated by those in the storage industry. The basic calculator used to input the number convert is a nice convenience and the ability to swap units from source to target is handy when you want to "back-in" to an answer. I.e. if your conversion result is 2.013 MB/s and you want to know what you would have to start with to get exactly 2 MB/s just hit the button to swap the units and enter 2. I assume the "Copy to Email" feature won't be necessary if / when Apple adds copy / paste but in the meantime it saves you from pencil and paper to record your results and you can add comments before emailing yourself or a client. It will even add multiple results to the same email if you don't cancel or send the draft email and go back to the converter, do an other conversion and "Copy to Email" again. If you regularly need to do these types of calculations this app is a real bargain. Excellent concept and elegant implementation!

Love it

Serious gear for the network guy.

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